Modern investment management for Real Estate



When it comes to real-estate investments, you have a comprehensive spectrum of assets and properties to choose from. This is where strategy comes into the picture. At Highten Capital, our strategy is to study the market, economic trends, and the demand-supply gaps to identify the most favorable, lucrative wealth creation opportunities for our partners and investors.


Evaluation of a real-estate asset is one of the critical steps that helps us align our investment decisions to our overall strategy and ROI goals. For instance, in case of residential and commercial assets – quality, viability, market risks and asset strength need to be analyzed with due diligence before arriving at decisions. Similarly, land evaluation is an integral step as we execute and interpret basic surveys, such as location, soil quality assessment, land suitability and economic, social, and environmental considerations.


We know exactly what we want even before beginning the search. Therefore, we determine the safe and legal ways land and/or asset can be acquired, used and improved upon. We have well-established partnerships in the investment banking and brokerage industries, which allows us to support our acquisition parameters, resulting in strategic investments.


We believe technology has a big role to play in real-estate & land development projects. Right from our site plan to architectural plans and designs, we make use of Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) technology to showcase the asset to regulatory authorities and investors. The AVR models allow us to visualize the key features and intricate details (for example, parking, driveways, landscaping and open spaces, natural streams, protected vegetation, etc.) of an asset in adherence with the permitting guidelines of local, state and federal regulators. This leads to early approvals and most importantly, gaining the trust of our investors.


A passion to transform an empty or barren land into a successful investment for our investors is what we strive for. We take care of the various stages of land development from site selection to initial design and final construction. As developers, we believe that to increase the value of our projects, we must focus on quality design, timely approvals, and excellent follow-through, as well as anticipating and preparing for unforeseen difficulties with risk assessment.


Coordinating and supervising all operations related with design, entitlements & constructions is an integral part of offering utmost benefits to our investors and developers. We channel all kind of communications between the owner, contractors, engineers, and design team to offer you a hassle-free experience. In addition, we strongly believe in offering swift solutions to avoid delays & cost overruns.


Leasing, inspection, repair, maintenance, and accounting are all services we provide as part of our property management services. Construction, renovation, and repair is handled by our in-house staff and partner firms. In addition, we strongly believe and invest in cutting-edge technology to monitor real-time asset efficiency, resulting in better asset management and improved productivity.

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