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HighTen Capital is a venture capital property investment organization that aims to generate value to investors through a variety of real estate and infrastructure projects.

HighTen Capital is a privately held real estate investment company located in Houston, Texas, that owns and manages real estate investments in the United States. Our commitment to authenticity and transparency reflects in the outstanding quality of our constructions across a wide range of real estate projects. We concentrate on delivering value to our investors through innovating real estate investment techniques that deliver high results, all while adhering to our integrity approach.

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We focus on ground-up development, re-development of carefully-vetted real estate deals for our capital partners.

Our team comprises of a diverse group of experts with a wealth of expertise who believe that authenticity, agility, and integrity are vital to the success of any business. Therefore, the organization works on these ethics, which aid our investors in achieving success in every project. Furthermore, we look for properties where renovations and smart asset management will benefit the community while also boosting investor profits. The team of highly qualified professionals ensures that each endeavor is properly examined to offer actual value to your investments and to develop a successful project from beginning to end.

We use a proactive strategic plan because of our vertically integrated structure, which includes a completely owned property management platform. We focus on proprietary origination and asset performance optimization using high-tech technologies to give our investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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We are a team of like-minded individuals who have a deep passion and understanding of real estate investing. For several years before coming together as Highten Capital.
— Srinivasa Gogineni (“Srini”), PRESIDENT
Who Are We

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We are driven by the idea of providing maximum benefits to our investors by bringing thorough and strategic research on the table with every project. With an aim to benefit investors with long-term returns the properties that we invest in and the communities that are being impacted are both benefitted financially.


We live by “transparency” as our philosophy. Our accredited investors are kept up to date on our carefully curated investment options, such as leverage, risk, and assumptions. Our investors will receive a quarterly update on the progress of their investments after they have made an investment commitment.


Accountability is important to us as it drives us to achieve success for our partners. In all our investing deals, we believe in using a systematic and comprehensive strategy. Our success can be measured by the powerful outcome we have on our investment partners’ portfolios and the communities impacted.


Our experts have put together a team of real estate professionals. This helps us in adhering to rigorous strategies while remaining flexible enough to seize opportunities when they arise. Collaboration and innovation are aided by the company’s culture and we are dedicated to achieving higher levels of performance.


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